The High Tea Society—Girls Connected

The High Tea Society-
Girls Connected
High Tea Society-Girls Connected is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization created to provide educational and cultural enrichment activities for inner city girls who attend the District of Columbia Public Schools.

“When a young girl transforms into a young lady, it is a turning point in one’s life.” — Celisman West, 15

“The Mission of The High Tea Society—Girls Connected”

THE MISSION of the High Tea Society (HTS) is to work with girls ages 8-18 from economically challenged communities to bridge the gap between the family and the civil and global communities and prepare our girls with social, life and critical thinking skills for successful passage into the civil and global communities. Afternoon tea, the symbol of social civility, was adopted as the backdrop for its immediate transforming effect of calmness, serenity that would enable the girls gain immediate personal insight and self-awareness about who they were.

The HTS’ goal is to prepare girls to become “Ambassadors of Civility” and equip our girls with the academic, social, work and life skills to become leaders in their local communities and, as well, in the global community.

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High Tea Society
PO Box 29024
Washington DC 20017
ph 202.277.5071

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