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“The High Tea Society has opened the doors to new opportunities like dancing, participation in an investment club, sewing—oh and making NEW friends.”

— Kerry Mack, 12


High Tea Society—Get Involved

Get Involved with the High Tea SocietyHow to Volunteer

“Voluntea-ing” is a different kind of volunteer and tea experience. You can enjoy the benefits, beauty and bounty of tea while volunteering to support and promote the mission, goals and objectives of the High Tea Society. Because the High Tea Society-Girls Connected intervenes at critical developmental stages of protégés from elementary through high school there are innumerable opportunities to volunteer and you can select the when, what where, and how.

How to be a Mentor

High Tea Society-Girls Connected is a mentoring organization for girls.  Mentors are an important link in the lives of the High Tea Society-Girls Connected protégés and help to close the gap in the chain between the family and the global community. Mentors strengthen and reinforce the “E” Charms of exposure, experience, expectation and environment that are essential for positive behavior.  Mentors help protégés make sense of the many supports, services and opportunities available to them throughout the length, breathe and depth of the High Tea Society Program from fourth grade through high school graduation.


Secure a criminal background check

Provide proof of current TB shot

Have face-to-face contact with your protégé once a month

Make a minimum of one personal contact a week

Share your hobbies, interest, skills and career goals with your protégé

Share your mentor experiences with other mentors

Contribute to Mentor Newsletter

How to become an HTS Member

As a High Tea Society-Girls Connected member, one receives the benefits of membership and the opportunity to broaden ones horizons culturally and socially while preparing our protégés for success in the global community

General membership $150

Patron Membership   $200

Honorary membership $500

Members will receive:

 A quarterly newsletter with interesting news about the World of Tea

 10% discount on all High Tea Society events

 Opportunity to participate in quarterly tea salons with lively discussions, tea tastings,  cultural outings, and tea topics of interest

High Tea Society-Girls Connected cultural outings

 Opportunity to join the High Tea Society Investment Group

Join today and use your skills and interest to provide our protégés services, support, and opportunities that will enhance their developmental outcomes through committee participation


Academic Achievement    • International Awareness • Public Relations • Fundraising • Cultural Awareness • Community Service • Chapter Development  •  Lifestyle Improvement

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High Tea Society
PO Box 29024
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ph 202.277.5071

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