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“The High Tea Society taught me to be aware, be conscious, to think ahead, to be prepared, intellectual, beautiful, graceful, tasteful, healthy and amazing.” — Lashay Lanier, 17


Mariessa Terrell—Executive Director

Mariessa TerrellM ariessa Terrell, a native Washingtonian, who has been practicing intellectual property law for almost 10 years, specializing in trademark, copyright, and licensing founded SBC in 2002. Mariessa has served as a Legal Consultant for Lockheed Martin Corporation where she drafted and negotiated software license agreements and non-disclosure agreements; an associate for Bertelsman, Inc., where she drafted, edited and negotiated employment contracts; and Law Clerk for the Honorable Judge Cheryl Long who presided over the Tax Division of the Superior Court of District of Columbia. 

Ms. Terrell also worked at the US Patent and Trademark Office as a Trademark Attorney, specializing in protecting the brand names of leaders in the health, beauty, fashion, toy and magazine industries, including Estee Lauder, Balenciaga, Revlon, Dooney & Burke, Warner Brothers, Toys R Us, Dove, Johnson and Johnson, Newsweek and many others. 

Mariessa Terrell has experience drafting and negotiating Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions (LM IS&GS) software licenses, trademark licenses, purchase orders and standard LM IS&GS corporate documents (valued from $5,000 to $10 million). In 2003 SBC contracted with LM IS&GS a top defense (federal government) contractor to provide trademark services to the Gaithersburg, MD offices.  Since then SBC has expanded its offerings at LM to include trademark, copyright, software license negotiation, non disclosure agreement negotiation and bailment agreement negotiation for 5 LM sites including offices in Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and London.  In 2009 SBC expanded again to include providing intellectual property paralegal support 4 LM IS&GS business units, namely, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.  Other SBC legal clients have included, Soapy Love cosmetics, Spice is Life edible seasonings, Moshood apparel, Style Lust wardrobe services, Wild Women Wear Read retailers, Gloria Gelfand marketing company, Washington Baptist Seminary, 3 DDD greeting cards, Culture Kids non profit, etc.  In 2010, SBC provided social networking services for LM IS&GS IP division by producing and disseminating and an electronic IP newsletter to the LM IS&GS IP readers.


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