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Ms. Thaila Hayman remarked: “In the past eight years, the HTS has done a lot for me. We have done everything from college tours to starting our own business: “Tea On Wheels.”  We have learned money management with Mr. Bradford Carson and etiquette with Ms. Fanny Allen.  We’ve learned how to dine with elegance.  Judge Terrell has a saying, ‘The High Tea Society girls will be as comfortable in the White House as they are in their own house.’ I hope you feel the same!”


High Tea Society—Development

HTS plans to launch an expansion program to increase our capacity to serve more girls by creating High Tea Society-Girls Connected Chapters in the District of Columbia Public Schools.  HTS has developed an educational program to bridge the social gap that may exist between home and society and to prepare our protégés to be successful in the civil and global community.

 Placed in new environments with high expectations, our protégés are on the path to discover they belong in the civil society and can contribute.The current program design of admitting new girls into the program every 8 years does not meet the current demand for services for girls.  Because of the great need among our girls who are outpacing the boys in the juvenile justice system, this Innovative program to create chapter and go to scale with HTS a unique experiment that will increase our capacity to serve more girls exponentially while training civic and social organization how to meet the needs of our girls, through a Charter Training Program for the formation of High Tea Society Chapters in the District of Columbia public and charter schools.  Today, there are very few intervention strategies to deal with the current crisis among girls. 

The chapters will be modeled after the successful TTT Program launched by Judge Terrell more than 10 years ago.  The same pillars, the 4-E’s, Exposure, Expectations, Environment and Experiences that have led our girls to change behavior and become “Ambassadors of Civility” will be the foundation for new chapters.  HTS TTT structured program curriculum, (ACCLI) a comprehensive, holistic program that is designed to meet the developmental needs of each youth.  The program meets Saturdays from 10:00am–1:00pm with activities in the following areas:  Academic Achievement—improve grades and over all school performance; Appreciation of the Performing Arts—heighten awareness of and exposure to all the arts; Community Service—opportunities to volunteer; Lifestyle Improvement—improve self-esteem and develop confidence through models for healthy living; International Awareness—develop awareness of world cultures. This model will be replicated and standardized, through participation in HTS programs, our young ladies learn that living and working successfully in the 21st century global community requires certain life skills, not just “street skills.”  HTS works directly with principals and counselors in the DC Public Schools to identify those girls who are faltering and can benefit from a structured educational program.  The candidates are interviewed; write a letter expressing their interest in the program and enter into a written agreement that serves as a commitment to follow our guidelines.  The TTT program strives to build the resiliency of these girls to resist unhealthy influences such as gangs, peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, drugs, health and juvenile delinquency that currently control their existence.  Placed in new environments with high expectations, our protégés are on the path to discover they belong in the civil society and can contribute.


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“The High Tea Society was never just a “dress up and go to tea” program. Rather, it was designed in response to the urgent social and academic realities facing many girls living in Washington, DC.”
—Judge Mary Terrell