The High Tea Society—Girls Connected



Executive Director


“The High Tea Society is a wonderful program for young ladies who want to make a change.”
— Ivana Loren Taylor, 14


“About the High Tea Society”

About HTS KidsHigh Tea Society-Girls Connected is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization created to provide educational and cultural enrichment activities for inner city girls who attend the District of Columbia Public Schools.

In 1997, Associate Judge Mary Terrell founded High Tea Society-Girls Connected because she was so greatly disturbed by her observation of the behavior of girls that revealed improper demeanor, decorum, discourse and discipline in their social interactions with peers and adults. Sensing that if girls were ever to develop leadership skills they would need a changed environment, exposure, high expectations and varied experiences, Judge Terrell launched a program using afternoon tea as a backdrop to teach practical social and life skills to inner-city girls. Judge Terrell retired from her judicial appointment in 2008 to devote her energies to expanding the HTS in order to serve more girls through the creation of local, national and international chapters. Today the HTS maintains three signature programs, Teaching through Tea (TTT), Sophisticated, Talented, Articulate and Responsible girls (STARS) and Charming by Design (CBD), through which to date has served more than 700 girls.

High Tea Society
PO Box 29024
Washington DC 20017
ph 202.277.5071


“The larger society is “colorful” in their behavior, interpersonal skills, dress—and communication that is not appropriate in the world of business.” “HTS girls are not like these other folks; we know what is appropriate behavior, dress, attitude and communication.”
—Janazjia Smith,
9th grade,
HTS member six years.